Welcome to Our Wisdom

Welcome to Our Wisdom – this is a new project for 2020 that highlights the expertise of our talented Society membership. Each month, we bring you brief, free Zoom interviews with members who generously share their areas of clinical, therapeutic and business expertise to help you survive and thrive. Welcome to Our Wisdom is offered in partnership with our Community Branch as a way to help members learn from and connect with each other during these uncertain times.

What will you hear from members during these Zoom interviews? Below are just a few of the topics our talented members explore in future conversations:

  • Boundary complications: When the personal becomes the professional

  • The importance and complication of being neutral when working with difficult couples
  • Finding the intersection between a medical and a therapeutic model
  • Positioning your private practice for success during this pandemic and beyond
  • How to understand the arc of grief and loss in a crisis
  • Using your voice for advocacy and social justice inside and outside of sessions
  • The ups and downs of going from a solo practice to hiring associates
  • The hidden power we have to keep our profession thriving

Episode 1: Lynn Grodzki discusses how to: “Position Your Practice for Strength During the Pandemic and Beyond”

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Episode 3: Welcome to Our Wisdom -- Marie Choppin”

Marie Choppin, owner of Lotus Point Wellness Center is Silver Spring, Maryland exemplifies the flexibility of a social work degree as she traces her journey from school social worker to becoming the owner/operator of a successful group private practice.

Episode 4: Welcome to Our Wisdom -- Jessie Patton

How does a clinician become not only non-racist, but anti-racist? What steps can we take to create both a safe space and a brave space with clients, so that they can share their stories of racism or bias and feel validated? Jessie Patton from the Society Anti-Racism Task Force addresses these questions and more.

Episode 5: Welcome to Our Wisdom -- May Benatar, LCSW, PhD

May is a clinician and teacher with over 40 years of experience. She is the author of a book and numerous articles. In this conversation, she shares her process of writing and tips for getting published!

Episode 6: Welcome to Our Wisdom -- Robert Taibbi: How Clinicians Evolve Over Time

As we change and develop as clinicians, our practices often mirror our shifting directions. Meet Bob Taibbi--clinician, professor, author of 11 books (!), workshop presenter and respected thought leader. During his 46 years in practice, he has shifted his methods to reflect a changing client caseload and meet the needs of who his clients are today. In this episode, Bob explores the flexibility and fluidity of our profession as he traces his experience from community mental health to teaching, writing and working in private practice. He is a popular CE presenter at GWSCSW and shares his innovations in working with individuals, couples and families.

Episode 7: Welcome to Our Wisdom -- Regena Humphries: Partnership within Social Work

Regena Humphries pivoted from a career in banking to her real passion: social work. She is the Program Manager of COMPASS, a Catholic Charities DC program that utilizes case management and clinical skills to assist people with achieving their goals. In this episode, Regena talks about her journey into social work and the pioneering program she helped develop that pairs program “members” (people living in Ward 7 and 8 in Washington, D.C.) with “partners” (her staff of social workers.) Regena and her staff demonstrate a community-based, hands-on, coaching approach to social work. Learn how they are changing lives and empowering the greater community.

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