Federal Advocacy


The Clinical Social Work Association (CSWA) Director of Legislation and Policy, Laura Groshong regularly provides Legislative/Regulatory Alerts to the CSWA membership to keep them informed about important legislation or regulations that have been introduced at the national level.  In addition to keeping members informed, the CSWA also monitors all current national legislation that affects clinical social workers and the need for action to members of Congress. The list of Legislative Alerts listed below allows members to review the history of CSWA action on national bills in Congress that affect clinical social workers and the outcomes of CSWA actions.

GWSCSW is an affiliate member of the CSWA.  With the CSWA leading the national voice, GWSCSW supports their efforts by working with this national association and the other 15 affiliated states to reinforce the needs of the profession and to strengthen our influence at the national level.  

As a GWSCSW member, you are eligible for a discounted individual membership with the CSWA.  

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