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What is the Difference between Category 1 and Category 2 CE Credits?

Continuing Education Unit CATEGORY 1 Programs   

  1. Live, real- time transactions between teachers and learners 
  2. Topic area will enhance participant’s abilities to render accepted social work practice and is consistent with values and principles of the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners (See COMAR Regulations) and National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.  
  3. Presentation will enhance or inform participant’s skill set, knowledge base and or attitude.  
  4. The topic reflects current and potential future challenges social work practitioners will face.   
  5. Topic area is well researched and documented in professional/academic journals and literature. A reference list will be made available to participants to encourage further study on the topic area.   
  6. If the focus of the workshop is on practitioner self-care, a specific connection will be made to how the self-care techniques can be applied to work with clients.

Continuing Education Unit CATEGORY 2 Programs   

  1. Programs which are less structured or not Board authorized.  
  2. Presentation will enhance or inform participant’s skill set, knowledge base or attitude.  
  3. The topic is relevant to social work practice or professional development.  
  4. Includes conferences, workshops, study groups, preparing and presenting a Category I program. 

CRITERIA FOR PRESENTERS for Continuing Education Programs   

  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s in Social Work from a Council on Social Work Education accredited program or advanced degree in a discipline that frequently collaborates with social workers (medicine, pharmacy, psychology, human service management, ect.) or demonstrates expertise in related subject area.  
  2. Demonstrates an expertise in the specific topic area.  
  3. Demonstrates an understanding of adult learning styles and has the ability to incorporate appropriate techniques into a presentation.  
  4. Familiarity with Continuing Education target audience.
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