GWSCSW Educational Event Guidelines

Behavior and Conduct Guidelines for Participants and Presenters at GWSCSW Educational Events:

All GWSCSW CEU events are designed to be professional, ethical, safe spaces to further learning, skill-building and discussion about topics of interest within the field of clinical social work. To that end, we request that both participants and presenters take responsibility to cultivate an environment where optimal learning takes place, by:

  1. Encouraging ethical, diverse, and inclusive conversation that represents the culture of clinical social work.
  2. Embracing differences, promoting honest and curious discussions, responding with questions rather than ultimatums and keeping a collegial and open mind to further understanding.  
  3. Behaving with respect: Not using disparaging terms, verbal insults, bullying statements, offensive racist, hateful, homophobic or sexist language, or any forms of harassment.   
  4. Avoiding a conflict of interest. Neither participants nor presenters may use the GWSCSW CEU educational workshops to: 
  • Advertise their own non-GWSCSW sponsored events, conferences, groups or workshops or market their own products for personal gain including training, classes, books, videos, tapes, etc. (Note: See exception below.) 
  • Promote attendance via special offers at non-GWSCSW sponsored workshops, privately-run groups, retreats, etc. 

Exception to #4: a & b above: If the presenter wants to use the workshop to reference or promote other external products, books, groups, methods, videos, conferences or workshops, not sponsored by the Society, it must be disclosed and agreed upon ahead of time in writing, by the GWSCSW Educational Branch. If agreed upon, GWSCSW will alert participants, prior to registration, that the workshop may include additional marketing and/or promotion. 

Presenters take responsibility to do the following, as needed:

  • Start and stop on time
  • Offer handouts, links to information, research information, references, citations, and copies of powerpoints for participants
  • Allow participants to interact with the presenter and ask questions at agreed-upon times
  • Keep the conversation on track when it diverges or gets repetitive
  • Call on people who have not yet spoken but want to participate in the conversation
  • Hold people back if they are dominating the question and answer times
  • Accept feedback from participants without defensiveness to create an open and honest discussion of material, issues, ideas and new perspectives   
  • Ask the program administrator to mute anyone who engages in disparaging verbal attacks or uses offensive language at any point during the presentation
  • Provide proper citations of any and all workshop material used including: quotes, methods devised by others, written items that are collected from publications, and any other visual or written matter that is protected by copyright laws 

Participants have the ability and responsibility to:

  • Advocate for their educational and accessibility needs by alerting the administrator ahead of time for the accommodations they require
  • Check in by the stated start time of the presentation and stay until the designated stop time.
  • Wait to ask questions or make their comments at agreed upon times to allow for the design and flow of the presentation 
  • Ask the presenter to spend extra time on clarifying terms, ideas, or issues as needed for comprehension
  • Express their feedback and/or concerns directly during the workshop in a way that fosters conversation and proactive resolution 
  • Use the evaluation form for feedback to help GWSCSW improve and further its sponsorship of relevant and quality workshops
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